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FREE Cartridge Recycling

Get Free Cartridge Recycling Boxes...if your a ConservaPrint customer!

Simply email us when you have an accumulation of cartridges and we’ll send you pre-paid shipping boxes.

This year, millions of cartridges will be consumed in the United States. A small fraction of spent cartridges will be recycled, but many more end up in landfills. Hazardous chemicals from the cartridges can pollute the environment, while the plastic they’re made of will take centuries to decompose.

At METROLASER, we will help you recycle what you consume. Together we can reduce the toxic effects of our waste. We consider it our duty to provide recycling for the cartridges we sell. We stress the importance of keeping cartridges out of the landfillS.  Recycling is more important today then ever!

Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling Boxes              
Each Pre-paid Shipper holds 6-10 toner cartridges in original packaging.  4 Shippers Per Carton (the minimum we will ship)
Use your own large boxes around the office?…email us for Free pre-paid shipping labels.
**PLEASE, NO toner tubes!

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